An opportunity to grow for emerging entrepreneurs

Anelisa Zono (30) is a businesswoman and activist in the fight for development as well as the abuse of women and children in the province. She says that seeing someone, especially a young person, trying to make ends meet because they want to change their living conditions, but nothing going their way is something that breaks her soul.

Therefore, Zono was motivated and came up with a plan where budding entrepreneurs from the Eastern Cape will be honoured at the Eastern Cape Hustlers Awards, so that they can be recognised and have something to encourage them in their efforts.

“This campaign was motivated by the efforts of struggling entrepreneurs who struggle to find ways to lead them to greener pastures. South Africa is facing an unemployment crisis and a lack of funding opportunities for those who need it,” said Zono.

Zono, who is from East London and is a native of Dutywa, struggled growing up as she grew up without parents. She says that not having parents when she was growing up made her stronger because she was able to be independent and have a purpose in life early on.

“I know the pain of trying for a better life and nothing good happens. This is the main reason why I motivate people like me,” said the entrepreneur.

The Eastern Cape Hustlers Awards are expected to take place at the beginning of next year. Zono encourages the public to get involved as many can get the opportunity to improve their lives.

These awards are open for everyone, and they do not have an age limit, anyone is allowed to enter as Zono also says poverty is rampant for everyone regardless of age. She says they are looking to influence the whole province, that is why they do not choose a specific age group and it is open to whoever is trying to make ends meet.

She is doing this campaign in collaboration with Kumkani FM, Montywood and Mbhashe Local Municipality.

Zono said, “If everyone had something to do and was able to put food on the table, the violence that exists today would not be at this level. And if there was something to do, everyone would get up and have something to do with their lives.”

This businesswoman self-funds all her campaigns.

Entry registration started on October 3 and will close on December 10. To enquire about this campaign, WhatsApp: 078 9263513 or search for Eastern Cape Hustlers Awards on Facebook or the entry form at:

Zono has achieved many things in her life, like being the President of EC Youth Chamber of Business, Co-Founder of Amathole Film and Media to name a few.