Artist mourns mother by drawing her

A drawing of Themba Mkhangeli’s mother drawn by him

An artist from Mqhekezweni in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, Themba Mkhangeli, who is famous for his paintings in the Western Cape, says that spending his time drawing is what will help him heal from his mother’s death. His mother passed away last week.

Mkhangeli was at Qakazana S.P.S in Willowvale when he received the heartbreaking news. He was at this school, dedicating his time to drawing it, he also had the opportunity to impart drawing skills to the children of Qakazana. This day he was also celebrating his colleague’s birthday, Andiswa Siwela who was a student at this school.

Mkhangeli says that most of the time he does not look for profit when he helps the community because he loves what he is does and it heals him.

He says he did not hesitate to come to this province when he was told. At this school, he was drawing, decorating the wall, and drawing the Qakazana school badge.

Themba Mkhangeli painting the school

“The biggest wish I have is to share the talent I have with children, especially those in the Eastern Cape. When a child sees you drawing in front of them, that is when they believe in drawing,” said Mkhangeli.

Mkhangeli says that his mother’s passing hurt him a lot and that he must be strong for his siblings as they are looking at him for support. His mother’s funeral was on Saturday, October 1.

Mkhangeli taught himself to draw. He has drawn many celebrities and won many competitions in Cape Town.

He says that means a lot to him because this job used to be known as something done by white people.

This artist has started with his mother’s drawing, he says this is a way that strengthens and heals himself.