Bangile Nyangani says he has no competition in South Africa

Mthatha boxer, Bangile Nyangani, said he would be happy if he could get a fight where he could face someone from another country because there is no boxer in South Africa who can go toe-to-toe with him.

Nyangani said this excitedly after winning the fight against Gaveni Nkwenteni. The fight between Nyangani and Nkwenteni was organised by the African pay television sports channel, ESPN Africa. “I have had enough of fighting South African boxers. I have noticed there is no one who can go toe-to-toe with me” said Nyangani happily.

“I want to fight a foreign boxer now, but I want to keep my South African title because it is the one that makes me work. If there is a promoter who can come up with something I do not have a problem,” said Nyangani after his fifteenth fight since 2016 when he started fighting at a high level in boxing.

Although Nkwenteni is a man who is feared because of the power of his fist, he was no match for Nyangani. The judges scored the boxers as follows: 120-108, 119-109 and 119-109. Nyangani said the fight was very easy for him even though it lasted twelve rounds because he was fully prepared.

“I am very happy after winning. It was not difficult for me because I was prepared for the fight. It is fun to fight Nkwenteni because he only guards one fist. I was the only one throwing punches in the fight, he probably only hit me twice,” said the Mthatha native who is eyeing the world title.

“I would be happy to fight for the WBA title. But I will sit down with my bosses about that. I want to fight someone from outside South Africa now. But keep my South African title because that is what keeps me busy,” said Nyangani on SA Boxing Talk.