BEWARE: Shoprite does not offer SASSA loans!

The fake advert making rounds on social media. PICTURE: SASSA

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has warned the public about a social media advert that claims Shoprite offers SASSA loans.

SASSA has issued a warning that the advert is false and does not originate from them. The fake advert, an article titled “Shoprite SASSA Loans Application Guide for 2023,” claims to provide instructions on how to obtain the loan.

“SASSA along with Shoprite provides loans to those who are in need of money,” the fake advert reads.

The advert is an example of “phishing,” a type of cybercrime in which targets are contacted via email, phone, text message, or other channels by someone impersonating a legitimate organisation in order to trick people into disclosing sensitive information like passwords, personally identifiable information, and banking and credit card information.

The information is subsequently utilised to access crucial accounts, which may lead to identity theft and financial loss.

Since there have been many SASSA scams in recent years, SASSA has stated that it does not provide loans or other financial services like electricity and airtime. It has advised the beneficiaries not to take out any loans as this could result in unwarranted deductions from their social grants.

Avoid becoming a target of frauds! If you have any questions or need assistance, call the SASSA call centre at 080 060 1011. You can also get assistance from your local SASSA office if you have been the victim of a fraud.