Calculators donated to Zwelivumile pupils

Cape Town-based NGO, No More Bare Feet donated calculators to pupils at Zwelivumile S.S.S in Xolobe village, Tsomo. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

No More Bare Feet under UPhawu Community Development, a non-governmental organisation located in Cape Town, gave calculators to pupils at Zwelivumile Senior Secondary School in Xolobe village, Tsomo. In the past, the majority of pupils had access to calculators at exam time since the school would lend the pupils’ calculators.

According to Mondeka Khoza of UPhawu Community Development, the calculators were distributed to the children in accordance with their social background. As every person has a unique background, the teachers were able to pick out pupils who they believed required the calculators the most.

“Our concern was that the child would be unable to use a calculator when they were not writing their examinations, so we determined they should keep them so their education would not be disrupted,” Khoza explained.

A student from Zwelivumile Senior Secondary School said that the calculators were quite helpful since they now feel confidence in their sums and that they are accurate. “Now I’ll be able to pass math. The class of 2022 reduced our goal of 90% and higher to 79%. With these calculators, we will be able to achieve higher because maths was one of the subjects that was difficult for the class of 2022,” said the student.

Mondeka Khoza of No More Bare Feet with the pupils of Zwelivumile S.S.S who received calculators. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Yamkela Mavuma, a teacher of accounting and business studies at Zwelivumile Senior Secondary School, expressed her appreciation for the initiative. “We are delighted because these are rural areas where children live with their grandmothers. When we teach in class, they do not have calculators, so we were delighted to learn that an organisation would donate calculators; otherwise, our pupils would be unable to learn,” stated Mavuma.

Mavuma followed by stating that a few pupils had calculators, which would require multiple pupils to share a calculator. She said that some pupils would fall behind during a class, slowing the teacher.

According to Khoza, she founded the organization in 2015. To begin, they collected school shoes for the less fortunate. She says that her difficult upbringing inspired her to assist youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. They started collecting calculators for pupils who are less fortunate in 2020.

She encourages people to use their skills to generate an income. “If we begin with things that don’t need investment, such as cleaning someone’s garden or helping children with their homework. As unemployed people, consider the expertise you have that does not require capital; instead, as you wait to find employment, your perseverance should serve as your capital, she advised.

Khoza says anyone wishing to donate can get in touch with her via WhatsApp at 073 742 4861 or via phone at 072 035 0361. You can also leave a message on the organisation’s UPhawo Community Development Facebook page.