Couple arrested for drug possession

A 28-year-old woman and a 40-year-old man were arrested for drug trafficking.

The couple was taken into custody early on Monday on the N10 close to Cookhouse.

According to a report from Colonel Priscilla Naidu, the police spotted this white Datsun Go car on the N10 while it was traveling towards Cookhouse. Police pulled over the car and checked it, but they did not find anything odd. However, the woman in the passenger seat seemed worried, which raised the police’s suspicion.

The woman requested to relieve herself in a nearby forest.

When the police followed the woman to where she was urinating, they were unable to find any proof of it.

The report continues by saying that the couple drove off after realising they were being followed by police.

Upon stopping the vehicle, a bag containing crystal methamphetamine, mandrax, and a stack of money was discovered. These medications cost R21 900.

Both suspects have been arrested and are being charged with drug possession.

Major General Zolani Xawuka, the commissioner of police for the Sarah Baartman region, praised the Cookhouse police for their efforts in capturing drug traffickers.