Criminals’ illegal shacks destroyed in Quigney

The area of Quigney in East London is one of the tourist hotspots, it seems for lawbreakers as well. These lawbreakers exploited that for their unlawfulness and illegally erected shacks in the forest by the sea and in the centre of the town in East London.

This was observed by the Buffalo City Municipality (BCM), law enforcement as well as the police who came and demolished the shacks. There were 11 shacks demolished in this forest.

The report goes on to say that 30 people were searched, 15 of them were foreign nationals, and 5 of them were arrested after they were found not to possess the necessary documentation to be here.

The spokesperson of BCM, Samkelo Ngwenya, said that they believe that the increase in crime, especially at night in Quigney, is due to these people living in these shacks.

“Recently this area has a problem of being out of control, crime is on the rise, including cable theft and break-ins. We are led to believe that the perpetrators are living in these shacks because the digging of underground cables in Quigney happens at dawn,” said Ngwenya.

He went on to say that they will continue to fight crime as they have already begun to close shops owned by foreign nationals who sell expired food, some of which use one room to store everything even for those who do not pay tax.

Ngwenya said that they focused on Quigney as it is a tourist attraction and tourists have already started visiting this coastal suburb, that is why criminals like this place.