Documentary to spotlight late veteran radio presenter

Late veteran radio presenter S’ganeko Njokweni’s son, Gqabi Njokweni. PICTURE: SUPPLIED.

On World Radio Day, the imprint left by S’ganeko Njokweni, a former presenter at Mhlobo Wenene FM, will be highlighted in the documentary Ilifa Lomboko.

On this day, Njokweni’s son, Gqabi Njokweni, will be hearing fascinating stories about his father from others who used to work with him on the radio. All of this will take place on February 13 at the SABC offices in Gqeberha.

Gqabi tells I’solezwe lesiXhosa that he would know who he is better on this day.

“I made this documentary to follow in the footsteps of my father, Siganeko Njokweni, and to better understand who I am,” Gqabi explained.

On that day, they would watch the documentary Ilifa Lomboko, according to Qabi, in which radio veterans will discuss his father and his work as a radio broadcaster in South Africa.

“We’ll be commemorating World Radio Day with broadcasting veterans,” Gqabi remarked.

Late veteran Mhlobo Wenene radio presenter, S’ganeko Njokweni. PICTURE: SUPPLIED.

He recalls his father as a respectable and courteous man.

And he was really knowledgeable. He appreciated and valued everyone, which made him an honorable man. When he was with his friends, Mr. Fezile Wotshela and Mr. Pinky Ginise, he enjoyed listening to music a lot. They discussed and looked into music, sports, and broadcasting. He was a decent man who also loved fashion and he was a fun-loving person as well.

“My father really encouraged us to learn and play cricket because he also played it growing up in Nxukhwebe,” said Gqabi, the veteran radio presenter’s son.

Gqabi, who is also a photojournalist for the SABC, says he wants to open an arts school in the Eastern Cape where talented youth from the townships and villages may learn dance, music, radio, and television.

S’ganeko Njokweni was born and raised in Nxukhwebe, Fort Beaufort. He began his 31-year career as a radio host at the SABC in May 1980. In 2008, he passed away at the age of 71.