Efforts to make Maths easier for pupils

New Horizon Tutors teaching pupils. PICTURE: NEW HORIZON TUTORS

Many people now find maths to be a hurdle, making it impossible for children to pursue careers in medicine, even if they so desire. That is why New Horizon Tutors, an organisation of students who excel in Maths, visits schools on a regular basis to assist pupils in this subject.

This organisation says that it wants to help children get rid of that mindset so they can grow up to be whatever they want to be. They consider this subject as the key to success.

New Horizon Tutors visited Toise High School on Saturday to assist pupils in grades 8 and 9.

According to Sinoxolo Fama of New Horizon Tutors, Covid-19 has made the already difficult educational hurdles worse in the Buffalo City area, therefore they want to ensure progress in Maths.

“Our objective is to ensure that children enjoy Maths, appreciate it, and understand why this country needs it,” Fama added.

Fama continued by saying that they assist in English and isiXhosa in addition to Maths. He added that one of the reasons for starting this organisation in 2018 was to assist pupils who are continuing their education but are unsure of what they want to do with their lives and to assist them in submitting applications to universities. He says that they are collaborating with the University of Fort Hare’s Sunrise NGO.

He says that the support they get from the parents of pupils at schools like Gasela and Toise is a miracle because every parent gives R20 to this organisation in order for their children to be taught Maths.

“There is also a shift in the children because the majority of them show interest when we teach them,” Fama remarked.

On Saturday, Vuyisa Cinani, Zenande Sotenjwa, Ranero Muthana, Sabathile Mayixhale, and Ovayo Hasi volunteered to help with tutoring this subject at this school.

In 2018, Banoyolo Braweni, Sibaphiwe Yako, and Asemahle Tikolo formed New Horizon Tutors.

Grandsmach, a Johannesburg-based organisation that likewise seeks to empower local students, also collaborates with New Horizon Tutors.

They operate on Saturdays at several schools throughout the BCM area.