Family asks help with burial of Wonga Booi

The corpse of 22-year-old Wonga Booi is lying in the government mortuary in Salt River in Cape Town as it is difficult for it to be transferred to his family in Magwala, Cofimvaba to be buried.

The deceased’s mother is no more, he has his brothers and their father in Magwala who is struggling.

Wonga was found on Sunday morning not far from his home in Marikana, Cape Town, with only his underwear. His shoes and phone were taken.

Wonga was found with a hammer-like wound on his head and a knife wound on his neck. His face and body were already pale.

Sibabale Booi, 30, one of the victim’s elder brothers who lived with him, said that he has not been able to get a wink of sleep because of the visual he saw when he arrived at the scene on Sunday morning.

Wonga arrived in Marikana, Cape Town in March this year from Cofimvaba, he was called by his brothers to better his life and try get a job as he passed Grade 12 last year.

Sibabale said he was at work on Saturday when he talked on the phone with his brother, unaware that he is talking to him for the last time.

“When I came home from work in the evening, I knew if he had gone to people from our homestead, I do not have a problem, as he used to spend the night with them. In the morning on Sunday, I was called by a neighbour saying that I should have a look as it looked like my brother was the person lying there. When I got there, he was not covered because they were still trying to identify him. My strength depleted even before I got there because I could see that the person was no longer alive by the way he was lying on the ground. That horrific visual still has not left my mind, I do not know what will help me,” said Sibabale.

He said that maybe if they had a mother, things would have never been this way. He said things are difficult, they do not even have money to transfer his body to Cofimvaba as their father is dependent on the old-age grant.

He said he tried to ask for assistance from their clan’s group on Facebook called AMANTAKWENDE, but he did not get it, instead he was criticised and accused of lying. He said that he would never lie about death.

Sibabale continued to say that they were still elated by the good news of his late brother receiving papers for security work on Friday, which was brought about by his older brother who lives in another township. On Monday, he was expected to start lining up for jobs in areas that need security guards.

He said that after a long time without work since his arrival in Cape Town, things started to improve for Wonga.

Wonga is described as a person who liked to stay with people from his homestead and liked to tell funny stories even though he was a quiet person. People from his homestead affectionately called him Mboyi when they wanted him to tell his funny stories.

The family says that those who want information and wish to contribute to the funeral arrangements for their brother whose date is still unknown can call I’solezwe lesiXhosa or 078 500 1173.