Foreign nationals busted for selling expired food

More than 20 stores belonging to foreign nationals who are affectionately known as ‘My Friend’ have been closed by the Buffalo City Municipality (BCM) after they were found to be selling expired food and their stores not clean.

This substantial number of closed stores are all situated in Quigney, also known as Ward 47. Foods found to be expired in some of these stores, include, baby milk products, canned beans, and canned fish.

The owners sleep inside these shops. It also turns out that they cook for customers in the same room they sleep in.

The municipality is continuing this week to conduct raids in other areas of the city, to ensure that these public attractions such as places that prepare fat cakes and potatoes chips are in line with health and safety regulations.

Out of these 20 stores, nine of them have been permanently closed while others have been given a warning.

Raided stores are not limited to stores selling food, it also includes laundromats, hair salons, car repair shops and entertainment venues.

Some of these businesses operate without operating permits, while others have been found to not be paying taxes because they are not registered under SARS.

The raid was conducted by BCM health workers, the police, SARS, and the Department of Home Affairs.