‘Get married, marriage is fun’ says Mrs SA contestant

Lulama Tsholoba-Mthembu, 38, of Maletswai, says the primary motivation behind her involvement in this competition was to serve as a constant reminder to herself that she is a woman, a mother, and a nurturer in a field where men predominate. She is a semi-finalist in the Mrs South Africa competition and has worked for the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) for over 17 years. She says that her job is challenging since women must put in extra effort to demonstrate that they are equally capable as their male co-workers.

Tsholoba-Mthembu has been married to her spouse for nine years and is a mother to her two children.

Mrs SA semi-finalist, Lulama Tsholoba-Mthembu. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

She says she noticed an advertisement for Mrs SA on social media in January of this year, with only a few days before the deadline for submissions. She was fortunate to get a letter approving her application. She says that they invited her to a meeting on February 3 at the Emperors Palace in Johannesburg in that communication.

“That was my first time competing in a beauty pageant; even when I was younger, I never participated. I went to bed apprehensive about not knowing what we were going to do where we were invited. I imagined that we may be asked to walk a ramp, and I was self-conscious about my body.

“When I arrived, I was asked questions, and I answered them well since the finalists were chosen based on these questions, and I passed them, and I am here today,” Tsholoba-Mthembu stated.

She states that she entered the competition for a variety of reasons, including the aim to motivate other women. She empowers women in her industry while working as a life coach.

“I firmly believe that life has a lot of positive surprises in store for us, but we tend to overthink things and lack confidence in our own abilities as women. I consider myself to have already walked this path, and I also see it as my duty to train and educate others who will follow me in this field.

“Through competing in this competition, I wish to inspire and empower women to excel in this industry. It is our responsibility as women to encourage those girls to keep trying and to understand that life comes with obligations,” she said.

She adds that Mrs SA is teaching her a lot. She is reassuring individuals who are still considering marriage that it is possible to feel fulfilled in a marriage, especially if you find the right spouse. According to her, marriage presents a lot of opportunity because it does not prevent someone from achieving their dreams because there are so many things you can accomplish.

Tsholoba-Mthembu went on to explain that she has discovered many things about herself that she was unaware of as a result of her Mrs SA’s journey, including the importance of not doubting oneself and the importance of finding oneself regardless of who one is.

You can vote for her by texting “Lulama Mthembu” to 47587.

Moreover, you can also vote for her by finding her photo on the Mrs South Africa page on Facebook and Instagram, then liking it. The Top 30 will be revealed in July, and they will be waiting for the big day in November 2023.

She also encourages other married women to participate in and pursue opportunities like these because they are enlightening, will help you grow as a person, and will teach you a valuable lesson about marriages.