Have you voted for ‘Ngena Noah’ by Betusile?

Betusile Mcinga nominated for the Metro FM Music Awards for his hit song, Ngena Noah. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Ngena Noah by Betusile Mcinga, which just finished the year as South Africa’s top song, has now once again attained greatness after being nominated for the Metro FM Music Awards (MMAs).

Among the songs up for the Song of the Year award, this song is the only one that is a gospel song.

The nominees were selected last week.

Mcinga expressed his gratitude for being nominated for the MMAs to I’solezwe leXhosa, explaining that his music, Traditional Gospel, is not fortunate enough to be aired on radio stations like Metro FM.

“When you are a gospel singer in the same genre as me, that has made the opportunities to participate in these awards less frequent. Also, it is unusual for a gospel song to go up against a dance song in a contest for Song of the Year.”

The musician revealed that he is still in disbelief by his MMAs nomination.

“The reality of what is happening still has not fully sunk in. However, I give God the glory for having touched the hearts of those who have such a great love for this song,” said Mcinga.

This is not Mcinga’s first nomination for Song of the Year; his hit song, Zundithwale, was nominated and won at the Crown Gospel Music Awards. But nevertheless, this Willowvale native believes that this song [Zundithwale] is not on the same level as Ngena Noah because the song ended the year and welcomed the new one.

“Even when we compare the numbers, this song has come a long way in just six months since it was released; it has more than two million views on YouTube, and I am sure it’s already over the gold status in terms of online sales,” said Mcinga.

Ngena Noah is actually bigger than Zundithwale, according to the son of legendary gospel singer Lusanda Mcinga.

“It makes me happy because after ten years I released Zundithwale, this year is the first time I have gone on stage without performing Zundithwale, since people want Ngena Noah so much, this indicates I was able to record a song that is better than Zundithwale,” the singer stated.

Mcinga stated that his MMA nomination will serve as a motivation to other artists in the Eastern Cape, proving that dreams can come true without going to Johannesburg.

“And when we put in the effort, God is able to bless us with wonderful things that we never imagined would happen. My success as an independent musician who is not affiliated with a major label will inspire many aspiring musicians to get up and use whatever resources they may have, no matter how small they may be,” Mcinga added.

Mcinga is campaigning votes in order to win this award. He urged businesspeople who want to help him to contact Sinalo Mcinga at 073 903 1424 or send an email to mcingasinalo@gmail.com.

Voting for Betusile can be done by dialling *120*45787#, choosing Option 1 for Song of the Year, and then Option 7 for Betusile Mcinga. Cost each SMS was R1.50c.

The MMAs will take place on May 6 in Mpumalanga.