He was told to first finish his studies then be gay

The openly gay social media personality, Siyabulela ‘Marenzo’ Mdyogolo.

When you are gay, killing yourself is not the solution because it will not end gay people and it will not stop people from talking, so you have to know and trust yourself.

This was revealed during a conversation between I’solezwe lesiXhosa and the well-known and beloved social media personality, Siyabulela Mdyogolo (18), also known as Marenzo from Motherwell in Gqeberha.

Marenzo was born a boy but feels like a girl. He said that you are in this situation due to the Creator’s will, not your own. That is why you must not turn away from your truth; by doing so, you will be able to strengthen others who are still closeted and refuse to come out.

Marenzo has no parents; his mother died in 2011, and his father died in 2018, and he ended up returning to his mother’s family, where he lived with his maternal grandparents. His grandmother, who attends church, and grandfather, who held traditional beliefs and did not believe in modern ways.

“It was difficult for me to feel at ease when I came to them until my grandfather died last year, and that was the year I began to become popular on social media and people praised me.

“My family discovered that I wear dresses on Facebook, so I was summoned to a meeting, and my grandmother asked, ‘Are you like that?’ I agreed, and she told me to finish school first before continuing to be gay.

“Gayness is not a one-time thing, you cannot wait for a certain time to be gay or move on. I don not dress like a girl at home, but I do when I am out with my friends,” said Marenzo.

Marenzo advised parents and the community to support LGBTQIA+ people because it is not trendy, and everyone is gay in their own way.

He also suggested that by not supporting your child, you are making life difficult for them.

He said that despite the fact that he is not permitted to do things that girls do, he has never been criticised by other students or teachers at school.

Marenzo claims that his social media popularity has no effect on his studies.

“I became popular in Gqeberha when I was young because I was loved by the people, and I still love them. Being famous is nothing new to me, and it does not bother me. But I was surprised to see that the picture on Facebook had been liked,” he said.

Marenzo is still single because he is afraid of being played with, despite the fact that there are men who want him.

He concluded that every gay person has their own tragic story in this life.

October is also Pride Month for LGBTQIA+ people.