I Declare, by Andrea Dondolo

Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo holding her new book, I Declare. PICTURE: SUPPLIED.

Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo is an artist, writer, sangoma, and poet. Her new book, I Declare, has been added to the collection of poetry and literature.

You cannot tell the story of art and entertainment in South Africa without mentioning her name.

The book, I Declare, contains a collection of poems.

“I have written many books, but this is the first that has been published; I am motivated by my love of books and reading,” Dondolo explained.

I Declare by Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo. PICTURE: SUPPLIED.

She admits she wrote this book in response to numerous requests to write books.

There are poems written in English as well as those written in Xhosa in this book.

These days, Black writers face the problem of not having stores that will buy their books so that they can be sold and seen by the public. She praises former President Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki in a poem on page 32 of this book.

Dondolo encourages young people who want to write to not be intimidated, but to keep trying to write confidently in their native language.

“Keep writing, believe in your ability and talent, knock on doors; if they don’t open, go to the window; if that does not open, make your own entrance,” Dondolo advised.

Because of the difficulties they face, many Black writers nowadays choose to self-publish their books. Some of the issues that writers face includes publishers rejecting their books because of the language or because they dislike the content.

In her poems, she did not forget her birthplace of Hewu in the Eastern Cape, describing the natural, social, and life conditions there.

I Declare by Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo. PICTURE: SUPPLIED.

Dondolo has appeared in a number of infamous TV shows, including Stokvel, where she was known as Ayanda in 2002. She appeared in the television show, Call The Midwife in 2012.

Dondolo has spent time fighting for the rights of actors and musicians in addition to writing and acting in plays.

“I fought hard for Dr. Latozi Madosini Mpahleni, who was recently buried; in this battle, I had to stop to protect my life, but I am proud because Madosini died with me having played my part in her life,” Dondolo said.

Aside from writing, Dondolo is pursuing her traditional calling to become a full-fledged traditional doctor.

“You’re welcome to call me a sangoma because that’s exactly what I am,” she said.

I Declare is available in stores such as Exclusive Books in Johannesburg and the Western Cape.

“The book is available at EB Stores in Sandton City, Rosebank, Fourways, Kollodale, Nicolway, Mall of Africa, and Cresta,” Dondolo explained.