Icamagu Radio affected by load shedding

Icamagu Radio station manager, Lulama Mpahla with one of the radio presenters, Lindani Seteni and Thembekile Totana who is a producer. PICTURE: BHEKI RADEBE

Although Monday was World Radio Day this week, the online radio station Icamagu Radio in Ncerha Village, East London, celebrated it with difficulties owing to load shedding challenges.

The station’s manager and founder, Lulama Mpahla, has voiced his displeasure over the load shedding, saying that it interferes with both the station’s programming and the day’s operations because the advertising cannot be broadcast at the scheduled times.

“When an advertiser purchases time for their advertisement to run at a given time and it does not, it is difficult for us because the advertiser has a reason for wanting their advertisement to run at that particular time. Each listener has a favourite program they never miss despite the fact that Icamagu offers a variety of programs, but because of this interruption, they are currently unable to do so,” Mpahla said.

Mpahla, also known as Mphilisi, appeals to a good Samaritan to equip them with a generator so that their programming can continue to be broadcast on the station. He says that, despite their efforts, the income generated at the station is just for internal use and cannot fund the generator.

Icamagu Radio, the first to be situated in a rural village, debuted in Ncerha in September 2021, where this newspaper I’solezwe lesiXhosa was of the celebrations. This station broadcasts in isiXhosa and focuses on traditional topics. Mpahla expresses gratitude to individuals who listen and those who invite them to broadcast at events.

Mphilisi says that he encountered difficulty at first since the authorities urged him to operate this station in town.

Some of the topics that have been concentrated on and have piqued the public’s interest in Icamagu include dream analysis, utsiki and imbeleko ceremony interpretation, and others.

While the nation grapples with the issue of load shedding, President Cyril Ramaphosa stated in his state of the nation speech last week that he would designate a Minister to deal with electricity. The ANC secretary general, Fikile Mbalula, told the media that things will not return to normal anytime soon.

You can access this station online at www.icamagulive.co.za.