La Tesh opens a boutique in East London

The businesswoman, Thembakazi Sikhundla, also known as La Tesh.

Although she has been running a clothing retail business online for a long time, this month Thembakazi Sikhundla opened a brand new clothing store in Berea, East London.

La Tesh Elegance Boutique is the business of La Tesh who has made a name for herself in fashion, agriculture and tourism.

Sikhundla, 32, is a native of Centane in the Eastern Cape. She holds a degree in agriculture from the University of Fort Hare.

La Tesh says that after the accusations and insults that happened to her after she won Miss Amathole Heritage 2015, she felt that her name was tarnished. Even though she was not affected by those accusations, she decided to start coming up with something new that will clear her name and uplift her.

“I was not happy after my win because when I met people, they did not praise the win, but they asked me about the money stolen in Amathole,” she said.

La Tesh says fashion has always been her passion.

“Many people used to compliment my fashion sense. That is when I decided to make a name for myself and sell clothes, and in the process get rid of the bad reputation associated with my name. I started selling online, then I started running and doing fashion shows and training beauty queens,” said La Tesh.

This businesswoman reveals that when the public was complaining during the height of Covid-19, that is when things were going well for her in her online business.

She says the biggest challenge was that she was no longer able to get clothing from foreign countries such as China, Turkey and locally, Cape Town due to the lockdown restrictions.

La Tesh encouraged young people saying that in order to start a business you do not have to have a lot of money. Even with the R100 you have you can start the business you want. She says that what is needed is courage because she started her clothing business with only R1,500.

Another thing she advises young people is to leave their egos at the door as she used to display her clothes at Walter Sisulu University to sell to students.

La Tesh says it is courage, prayer, self-confidence and self-awareness that has put her where she is.

La Tesh is not only in the fashion business, but is also involved in tourism, she also has an event tent hiring business where she rents out tents in rural areas.

You can visit her on her Facebook: LA Tesh FashionGuru.