Life of the girl who depended on a false prophet

The author of the book, Nwabisa Msikinya-Gxashe

Nocawe was young when she was victimised by her pastor who is a false prophet. She attended his church after getting an invite, at a time when she was longing for God in her life.

Her life changed because she found God, there was a difference and she witnessed miracles. But over time things turned sour and the prophet changed, he began prophesying falsely.

Nocawe says that is when her life became turbulent because they had to listen to every word the prophet uttered, when he preached, they had to obey his word.

Nocawe ended up listening to everything her prophet said and over time her decisions were not made by her, they were influenced by her prophet like marriage.

This is a book in isiXhosa called Nocawe noMprofeti woBuxoki [Nocawe and the False Prophet] written by journalist, entrepreneur, and author, Nwabisa Msikinya-Gxashe.

Msikinya-Gxashe says she is happy to have a book like this and its purpose is to educate and empower many who are still in the dark. She says that this is an enjoyable story, especially the ending, which is why people should buy it, they will not regret it as there is a lot in it.

Nocawe ended up being a victim of financial exploitation and other exploits by this prophet. She was dependent on the prophet most of her life, but the prophet had ulterior motives.

After a long time, she was able to open her eyes, but a lot of things had gone wrong in her life. She managed to walk away from the prophet. She turned over a new leaf and went back to her marriage that she had neglected, she also went back to school and returned to her family.

This book is available at Paperback Shack in Oxford Street, East London, and bookstores in Vincent. This book was launched today, September 17 in Berea, East London.