Lusanda wants to close her music file

The gospel music veteran, Lusanda Mcinga, is preparing to release her final album as she prepares to retire.

Mcinga released a video pleading with her fans and music lovers to assist her in covering the costs of the studio and the trip to Johannesburg to complete what she began in 1995.

Gospel star Lusanda Mcinga performing on stage with her son, Betusile Mcinga.

Mcinga claims in this video that her financial problems began when Covid-19 struck.

“Hello, my name is Lusanda Mcinga of the Lusanda Spiritual Group. I have been unable to go anywhere to perform since Covid-19 struck in 2020, 2021, and 2022,” Mcinga said in this video.

She claims that her children help her put food on the table, mentioning her son Betusile Mcinga, who is also a musician.

“The only one who works is Betusile, and he is the one who always gives me the money, which is insufficient to cover all of my problems,” said the founder of Lusanda Spiritual Group.

“All of my cars were taken by the bank during Covid-19 because I could not promise when I would pay,” she mentioned.

Mcinga explained that she made a video asking for help because she wants to release an album. She said she does not want to lose touch with her fans.

“I don’t like to simply vanish; I am eager to get into the studio. The studio is too expensive for me, and it is too expensive for my children.

“I am asking you, anyone who can help me, to add even 2 cents to another, even R100 to another until it reaches the amount for my recording expenses,” said Mcinga.

Mcinga said that the expenses include money for the studio, accommodation, transportation to Johannesburg, the band she sings with, and the person who will produce the album.

She compared her desire to release an album to her first album, which was released in 1995.

“I did not have a dime, but I knew deep down that I wanted to make an album.”

She revealed that she did not feel healthy after Covid and that she is considering ending her musical career.

“Whatever happens in my life now, I would like to close my music file,” Mcinga said in this video posted on social media by Pastor Anele Heli.

If you wish to make a donation, the money can be deposited to Lusanda Mcinga’s Capitec account number: 1207128609 or contact Sinalo Mcinga on 073 903 1424.