Lusikisiki youngster has been missing at sea for several weeks

Siphenathi Nombinja (21) of Lambasi, Lusikisiki, left his home on New Year’s Day to swim at a nearby beach. He went to Msikaba Beach to celebrate the New Year with others and was never seen again at his home.

According to the family, it has been two weeks since their son went missing. They say that divers and village residents search the sea every day but come up empty.

Siphenathi Nombinja (21) still haven’t been found after going for a swim at the local beach.

Yoleka Nombinja, a family member, says Siphenathi sent his clothes and phone to his family, saying he was going swimming.

Yoleka says that the victim’s parents can’t sleep because they are so disturbed; his mother frequently sobs, especially when people enter the house.

“The mother is having difficulties with her son and is unable to cope. She cries whenever the people of the village come to her aid. Even though he does not show it because he is a man, the father is also hurt by what happened to Siphenathi,” Yoleka explained.

Yoleka went on to say that the entire village is shaken because this has never happened before, and the manner in which Siphenathi disappeared is still unbelievable.

“He was well-liked in the village because he was a respectable young man,” said Yoleka.

Siphenathi is the first child, followed by five others.

The family stated that they also searched nearby hospitals in Lusikisiki but returned empty-handed.