Luyanda Potwana earns his spiritual stripes

The Nyan’ Nyan presenter, Luyanda Potwana, is still pursuing his calling as a traditional healer. This past weekend, Potwana had his homecoming ceremony at his home in Nier village in Peddie.

Potwana’s name as a traditional healer is Sir Thandile. Talking to I’solezwe lesiXhosa, Potwana said this meant a lot to him. “This is my identity. My gift. So, this means a lot to me,” he said.

Potwana began to answer his ancestral calling two years ago and he said that he has experienced all the stages of traditional healing. “I have done all the spiritual levels. Now I will heal the nation spiritually and with herbal medicine.”

This presenter said that he started to show signs of ancestral calling at a young age. “It started when I was young, I would say things that would shock adults. Even now, I do not say something, and it not come into existence. Even my dreams explained my spiritual calling,” said Potwana.

Potwana said he is also a Prophet as he joined the Sambulo Church of Christ in Zion in Kwa Gubhuza in Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal.

“I am not operating as a Prophet yet. I am still waiting to be ordained, I will be ordained by the great Prophet L. Mkhwanazi under the Sambulo congregation,” said Potwana.

He also teased a new season of Nyan’ Nyan. He said viewers of this beloved show can expect the ninth season next month.