Mahlubini residents to enjoy indigenous games this Christmas

They will be returning to their roots in Mahlubini, Tsomo, as Generation Z will watch their parents, brothers, or siblings born in the 1980s compete in indigenous games. Rope skipping, upuca, tag, uqandas ushenxe, and marbles are among the games that will be played.

The Mgusha Fun Picnic is the name of this event.

Noxolo Mdewu, the founder of Basino Ekasi Models in Cape Town and a native of Mahlubini who has partnered with PARANOVA, stated that she wants to teach and demonstrate that life existed and was fun before the technology that children today use.

Mdewu stated that the Mgusha Fun Picnic is an attempt to reunite people who have not seen each other in a long time by reminding them of things they did as children.

“It was not all about technology; we had a lot of fun growing up. I want to demonstrate that there was life, and that if we can return to our roots, illegal activity can be reduced, because the things that are being witnessed have an impact on our children,” Mdewu stated.

This event takes place on December 26, the Day of Goodwill, also known as Boxing Day. It will take place at Bonus Primary School in Mahlubini, where Mdewu and Paranova both attended.

The entrance fee is R20, and you must also pay R20 for the cooler box.

“The money we’ll make that day, we’ll use to help Bonus Primary School because the school groomed us,” Mdewu explained.

Mdewu stated that she is taking the initiative to bring events from the city to the village. She also runs a non-governmental organisation that collects clothing for the poor.