Majola recognised for his humanitarian work

Petros Majola receiving an award at the Batho Pele Service Excellence & Innovation Awards from the Premier of the Eastern Cape, Oscar Lubabalo Mabuyane. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Without the Khula Community Development Project, the majority of the victims, including the abused, the underprivileged, and those whose children were brutally murdered, would not have received assistance. This was made known by Petros Majola’s supporters when he accepted an award from Oscar Lubabalo Mabuyane, the Eastern Cape’s premier, at the Batho Pele Service Excellence & Innovation Awards, which were hosted in Hemingways, East London.

Majola, a Peddie native, has publicly revealed a number of tragic stories that are difficult for the general public to access, assisting the Eastern Cape government.

Several people who had lost hope were helped as a result of his efforts.

After earning this prestigious accolade, Majola revealed that he slept like a baby to I’solezwe lesiXhosa.

He says that the public would not think that he also shuts down and cries as a result of people’s problems and phone calls informing him of devastating news.

He brought up the example from last year in Ngcobo where a lady beat her four children with a hammer.

He admits that hearing those kinds of stories breaks his heart to the extent that he avoids picking up the phone when it rings.

Petros Majola with his award. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

“The mind becomes restless, and the heart shatters. I want people to know that no one can make fun of other people’s problems, regardless of where they are from, when we travel to these locations, write about them, or create videos. We do this because we want to help people, and it ensures that the problem gets heard by those who need to hear it,” Majola stated.

He says he enjoys his work and goes to bed with a smile on his face after assisting someone.

He continued by highlighting that working with the government is crucial because he finds it admirable when a certain department responds to a situation.

Majola continued by saying he regarded his award as if it had been given to him as a servant.

He says that receiving this award is a challenge for him because it pushes him to go above and beyond what he is currently doing in his work while also providing him the willpower to want to go beyond.

“Putting aside the difficulties experienced by NGOs, I am happy that I work for the people of the Eastern Cape rather than prioritising my personal needs so that those who are crying might wipe their tears. I won’t lie; there is a lot of work to be done. Some people even mistakenly believe we are above them when we fail to even reply,” Majola stated.

Premier Oscar Lubabalo Mabuyane believes people like Majola are commendable and should be acknowledged.

“Today is a significant day where we reflect on individuals who are improving people’s lives in the province and who are doing good in the community,” Mabuyane stated.