Man bases scalps in the street for money

Yakhela Lisa (30) who is making a name for herself in the business of basing women’s scalps in Butterworth town. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Due to a lack of job opportunities for young people in the Eastern Cape, many have turned to self-employment, including Yakhela Lisa (30), with a journalism degree, from the village of Beyele Ongta in Butterworth.

Lisa placed a chair in Butterworth town last week with a sign saying he bases people’s scalps and charges only R15. He says he learned how to base scalps in Cape Town, where he used to base the scalp of his brother’s girlfriend when she got a new hairstyle. According to him, he kept doing this, even to his girlfriend in Butterworth, until he realised that it was what he enjoyed doing and that it might help him put food on the table.

He has been doing his business of basing people’s scalps around Butterworth town for the past two weeks. He added that after posting it on Facebook, several people laughed at him and labelled him as crazy. He was taken aback when he noticed the post on Facebook the next morning and how many people had liked it.

“The critics criticised me, but I disregarded them since they eventually praised me when they realized they were the only ones laughing at this situation. The majority of those who commented suggested that I expand my services.

“In addition, I remove people’s hairstyles because they complain that it is difficult and expensive to remove braids at salons. What makes me happy is that I am the first person in Butterworth to come up with this idea,” Lisa stated.

After graduating in 2016, he says that he job-hunted unsuccessfully before finding employment in stores run by foreign nationals. He reveals that he tried music as well, wishing to release music since he enjoys it, but nothing came of it.

Yakhela is currently living with someone in Butterworth town because he says he cannot afford the taxi fare to commute from Beyele Ongentla to town every day.

He concluded by saying he will take the recommendations of the Facebook community. He is still figuring out accommodation because he is just getting started and it is hard to get the money to buy the hair care items he bases people’s scalps with.

Yakhela says he wants to grow his business and is seeking assistance from anyone who could provide him with equipment and items for hair care.

Yakhela’s female supporters praised him for his choice, considering the fact that he is a man, pointing out that they needed such courage as women.