Man found with dismembered penis!

The man wearing black clothes among the police at the Butterworth police station was caught with a dismembered penis. PICTURE: SAPS

An unidentified Mthatha man was arrested by Butterworth police after he was discovered in a mall there with a bag containing a dismembered penis.

Residents who were shocked to see the man at the Fingoland Mall rank roaming around with this dismembered penis called police, and the man was taken to the police station in the afternoon on the weekend.

The officer interrogates the man about the “parcel” that was found in his possession in a video captured by the police and sent to I’solezwe lesiXhosa and distributed on social media. The man’s upper body was covered in black clothing, while his pants were green. During the interrogation, he was fidgeting with his hands and legs.

When the police inquired about the price for which he was selling the dismembered penis, the man said that he was not selling it. When asked where he was taking it if not for sale, he said that he was displaying it to people, particularly healers. He was also questioned about his background and the people he worked with.

The man told police that he had taken a taxi from Mthatha to show them this body part. He also revealed that he used to live in Alex in Johannesburg, but when asked if he did this in Johannesburg, he responded no.

A woman who is a Masihlangabezane member claimed that it was God’s will for this man to show up and expose himself.

“Keep an eye on the children; it is clear that dismemberment of body parts is still going on; it is not over yet! How many people has he dismembered while remaining undetected? These are God’s intentions; no one can walk around selling something like this in a taxi rank,” the member warned other women after witnessing this.

Not far from Fingoland Mall, a woman by the name of MaDlamini who sells fruit from a stand said she did not want to witness the horrifying scene. She had heard cries coming from all directions and turned around when she discovered what was going on because she did not want to witness the horror.

“My question and concern are where is the owner of this body part and what is his condition, what happened to him? I want the police to ask him those questions because it is apparent that he has been doing this for a long time and it is disrespectful to the people of Butterworth that he leaves Mthatha to sell a dismembered penis in Butterworth. He should be imprisoned, and the others exposed,” MaDlamini added.

Although this newspaper does not yet know the exact date of this man’s court appearance, he is allegedly being held in custody in Butterworth.

Additionally, it is alleged that the man whose penis was cut off is in pain in a hospital in Mthatha. The source who provided us with the information declined to speak with an I’solezwe reporter.

The horrific images of the dismembered penis were seen by this newspaper.

I’solezwe lesiXhosa contacted Warrant Officer Majola Nkohli for more information on the case, but he did not respond in time before the article was published.