Man killed and his house demolished for not paying debt

The late Mount Fletcher man whose name is Nonono Mzonjani who was unable to pay the money he owed to businessman William Sawule (68), had his house demolished by a tractor loader backhoe and then shot dead in front of his family.

A report from the Eastern Cape NPA spokesperson, Luxolo Tyali, said Mzonjani was attacked in front of his family on July 29 this year, by two men, Nkosinathi Mhlamvu (31) and Lwazi Dlamini (32), who were said to have been hired by Sawule to kill him.

The suspects pretended they wanted help with their car that had a problem at Mzonjani’s house, when he went out to help them, they fired eight bullets at him, and he died.

The three suspects appeared in court last week where they were not granted bail. They are still in jail and are expected to reappear in court on October 13, 2022.