Man slits throat of girlfriend’s son

A boy who was only three years old was found in the Bhongweni forest in East London with his throat slit by a man who is dating his mother. This happened on Tuesday afternoon this week.

According to a report from Colonel Priscilla Naidu, the man is 37 years old from East London. He allegedly went to his girlfriend’s house and took the boy named Sinobom Tywantsi, while he was playing with his peers.

The report goes on to say that he took him to the forest where he cut his throat with a knife.

The residents had seen the man walking with Sinobom towards the forest, they immediately alerted the police, and the suspect was found with the toddler. A bloody knife was found at the scene.

Naidu says that it is suspected that this gruesome crime was sparked by a paternity argument between the suspect and the victim’s mother.

The man was arrested and charged with murder and is expected to appear in the East London court soon.