Methodist pastor convicted of rape

According to a Prosecuting Authority report, Reverend Bandile Mgoduka (61), Pastor of the Methodist Church in Mthatha, began by intoxicating his victim with alcohol before raping her.

The Mthatha Regional Court sentenced this pastor to 15 years in prison after he was found guilty of raping a 51-year-old woman.

According to NPA spokesperson Luxolo Tyali, Mgoduka called two friends, one of whom was in a relationship with him, and they broke up. He summoned them to the Methodist church missionary house in Qokolweni, Mthatha, where he purchased food and alcohol for them.

Tyali said that on March 14, 2021, while they were enjoying and drinking in the house, an argument arose between the pastor and his ex-girlfriend, following which he kicked her out, leaving him with her friend. He then locked the doors and put the keys in his pocket, according to the report.

The report goes on to say that he then confessed to her that he had been looking for an opportunity to have sex with her for a long time.

The victim was overpowered and eventually surrendered; after being raped, she was released to go home by the pastor.

The victim filed a case two days later at Ngangelizwe Police Station, claiming that she was unable to file the case immediately because her body was in pain, and she could not drive herself to the station.

During the trial, Reverend Mgoduka denied it, claiming that he did not rape the victim but that the victim wanted him. The pastor testified in court that the victim’s injuries were caused by her being drunk and stumbling.

The case’s prosecutor, Fanelekile Kandile, wanted him to get a life sentence in prison, but he did not get it because he is a first-time offender and alcohol played a role in this incident.

The Eastern Cape Director of Public Prosecutions, Barry Madolo, said that this case should serve as a lesson to those in positions of power who abuse women.

Madolo praised those in charge of the case.