Mrs Cape Town develops village youth

Patiswa Ndongeni-Sobuza who is Mrs Cape Town, and also the founder of Thembikhaya Youth Foundation. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Patiswa Ndongeni-Sobuza, Mrs Cape Town 2023 and Founder of Thembikhaya Youth Foundation, believes that the youth require people to empower them and show them the path so that they can become excellent and true leaders of tomorrow.

Ndongeni-Sobuza, a native of Bolotwa in Dutywa, says that her non-governmental organisation promotes young leaders and that she thinks every young person has the potential to be a leader.

She goes on to say that she has gained a lot of knowledge from the programmes she took as part of Mrs Cape Town and the events for women that support women culturally, practically, and financially. She also says that she has been inspired because she has implemented what she has learned back in Dutywa, where she was born.

She says that following the incredible change that occurred to her, she was inspired to use youth development to make a difference.

Patiswa Ndongeni-Sobuza who is Mrs Cape Town, and also the founder of Thembikhaya Youth Foundation at one of the schools she visited in Dutywa, where she donated school shoes and sanitary pads to underprivileged pupils. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

She adds that one of the issues facing the youth is their abuse of alcohol and drugs, which is why Thembikhaya believes in offering hope and purpose to the youth.

“Thembikhaya’s mission is to spread hope through the initiatives we carry out as Thembikhaya Youth Foundation. Where people are struggling, we also provide assistance. Four Dutywa schools—Nqabane Senior Secondary School, Nqabane Primary School, Lota Primary School, and Mhuku Primary School—received school shoes from us this month. We have also donated toiletries to pupils at Enoch Mamba Senior Secondary School and others, and we will continue,” said Ndongeni-Sobuza.

She provides encouragement to young people, noting that everyone has the right to success and that it does not just appear overnight. Instead, it takes perseverance and the ability to tell yourself what you want to do in order to achieve your goals. She continued by saying that what matters is that a person engage in positive activities that will secure their future.

Additionally, the reigning Mrs Cape Town works with her husband Fundile Sobuza in the Mjanyana Hiking Club to promote tourism in the villages and raise awareness about good health. Her husband founded the club with these objectives in mind.