Nhlanhla Tyirha meets Silvestre with great confidence

Nhlanhla Tyirha, the boxer from Mdantsane

Mdantsane boxer, Nhlanhla Tyirha, is headlining the tournament which is expected to be a bone-crunching contest by boxers which will differentiate men from boys.

Tyirha will meet Philippine champion Orlie Silvestre in the vacant IBF Intercontinental Junior Flyweight title fight which will be held at the Orient Theatre in East London at 2pm on Sunday.

The tournament, headlined by Tyirha and Silvestre’s twelve-round fight, is organised by a promotion company called Tewo Boxing Promotions. Tyirha, 22, goes into the weekend fight motivated after beating Esneth Domingo back in May this year.

Tyirha has won seven fights and was beaten only once. Even though the number of men Tyirha has knocked out is still low, he has a powerful punch that puts a man down. Will he take down Silvestre? No one knows, the answer will come on Sunday in a fight that is eagerly awaited by boxing fans in East London.

Silvestre is no slouch and knows how to pack a punch. Silvestre has won 17 fights, six knockouts and two draws. He won both of his previous fights just like Tyirha.

“I can say with confidence that I am very ready for the fight. We looked at the way he fights because every fight I go to, I consider important,” said Tyirha.

Although he said he was confident of winning the weekend fight in East London, he did not guarantee that he will knockout Silvestre.

“I will beat Silvestre and defeat him. What I want to say is that I want the fight to be slow so that people can enjoy their money. I am asking people to go to the arena on the day of the fight so that they can witness me beating Silvestre,” said Nhlanhla speaking to Mdantsane FM last week.

There are several fights leading up to the big fight on Sunday.