Nontshinga raves after historic feat in Mexico

East London boxer, Sivenathi Nontshinga, deserves all the credit after winning the toughest fight of his life last weekend. Nontshinga beat Hector Flores by a split decision and became the IBF junior-flyweight champion after a boxing match held in Hermosillo, Mexico. It looked like the boxer was going to leave with his tail between his legs when Flores showed his strength in certain rounds in the match in front of his Mexican fans.

After the weekend fight, Nontshinga is a special world champion because he passed the toughest test. However, he must thank his coach, Colin Nathan. When it became apparent that it was an uphill battle, Nathan told Nontshinga the truth.

“You are not doing well, but if you want to change your life you have nine minutes to do it,” said Nathan shaking his boxer and reminding him why he was in Mexico. Even though Nontshinga’s start was good, he was helped by the last three rounds he won because Flores was giving him a run for his money. This East London boxer, who was fighting for the world title for the first time, was fighting away from home for the first time. His coach could not contain his excitement. “This is big for South African boxing,” said Nathan who gave words of encouragement that produced success.

“I am happy to be a part of this success. I told him he had nine minutes to turn things around after seeing that the fight was slipping away from him. He has done this, and I am proud of his excellent work and the courage that Nontshinga has is amazing,” said Nathan.

The MEC of Sport, Recreation, Arts & Culture in the Eastern Cape, Nonceba Kontsiwe, congratulated Nontshinga who went hunting for a championship in Mexico. “We are proud of Nontshinga because he represented the whole nation well. I want to thank his coaches for doing an excellent job,” said Kontsiwe. On his arrival at Kempton Park at noon on Tuesday of this week, Nontshinga thanked everyone who helped him at the meeting where Rumble Africa managers and senior government officials were present.