Organisation for those living with disability nominated for award

The NPO, Mr and Miss Able Modelling Agency are asking for votes from the public. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Mr and Miss Able Modelling Agency in East London, an independent organisation dedicated to training and promoting people with disabilities, is one of the nominees shortlisted for the Eastern Cape Hustlers Awards, which will take place on April 1.

The NPO was founded from the ground up with NSFAS funds in 2021, while the organisation’s director, Kamvelihle Kalani, better known as Kay Lani, was still a student. In addition to exposing them to new opportunities and helping them improve, he says that being nominated also makes their efforts more visible.

“When our team learned that we had been nominated, they were excited. Despite my happiness, I am unsure of how to express it. Our nomination serves as a sign to keep going forward while we still have the ability and while God is still able to support us. initiatives like this motivate those of us who are just beginning out, so we will be strong and encouraged,” added Kay Lani.

Director of Mr and Miss Able Modelling Agency, Kamvelihle Kalani.

Kay Lani says that despite their lack of funds, they continue to rely on the money they receive from businesspeople, and they would keep doing so since it is very important to them.

This NPO deals with a variety of issues, including empowering people with disabilities. Meetings are held where these individuals are taught about self-confidence and health. He describes this NPO as an endeavour to empower people with disabilities, to strengthen them since they believe there is nothing they can accomplish or achieve in life because they have disabilities.

You can SMS CB34 to 40439 to cast your vote for this NPO. Each SMS costs R2.

The Eastern Cape Hustlers Awards will be held for the first time. Its founder, Anelisa Zono, said in an interview with this newspaper last year that aspiring entrepreneurs, including those in the Eastern Cape with talent, find it challenging to grow their businesses. She said that she is one of many who has worked hard to grow her business in the Eastern Cape, and that the awards are intended to support and develop other aspiring entrepreneurs.