Over 5 million SASSA gold card holders’ cards to expire in June

Over 5 million SASSA gold card holders’ cards to expire in June.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has taken note of the difficulties social grant beneficiaries are having replacing their SASSA gold cards that have expired and is concerned about them.

The Postbank issues the SASSA Gold Card, which enables grant beneficiaries to conduct transactions using the card and PIN Code within the National Payment System (NPS) at bank ATMs, South African Post Office (SAPO) branches, merchants, and Cash Pay Points (CPP).

All VISA and MasterCards have a five-year expiration date, per the law. According to the SASSA spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi, the majority of the 5.9 million social grant recipients who use SASSA Gold cards to make purchases will have their cards expire by June 2023. People are advised to check their cards’ expiration dates.

“All client payments will be processed as normal, and funds are safely stored in the client’s bank accounts. To avoid non-access to these funds in the clients’ bank accounts, recipients have the option to either replace the SASSA Gold Card at the identified SAPO branches or alternative venue provided by Postbank, a participating retailer, or make use of the cardless withdrawal option provided by Postbank. Alternatively, clients can also utilize the services of another bank,” said Letsatsi.

As a result, clients will need to ask for a change in payment method at their local SASSA office or another location that will be made accessible just for this particular project.

The following documentation must be brought to SASSA by social grant recipients who wish to receive their payments through their personal bank accounts: Proof of bank account received from the bank or three months bank statement that depicts the personal details of the client such as names and bank accounts. Also, their proof of identity.

These documents should be submitted to the local SASSA office to authorize SASSA to deposit the beneficiary’s social grant into the chosen personal bank account. Beneficiaries are recommended to request the change of the method of payment once every month, but there is no restriction on how frequently they may do so because it is their right to do so.

Letsatsi added that SASSA representatives are constantly prepared to help grant beneficiaries exercise their rights.

In order to process requests for changes in payment methods more quickly, SASSA plans to expand its capacity. Additionally, it will be extending its office hours to accommodate any growth in clientele.