‘Running the Boston Marathon is a dream come true’

The long distance runner, Melikhaya Frans. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Melikhaya Frans, a long-distance runner, is sweating it out at a camp in Gqeberha, where he is preparing to compete in America’s largest marathon race.

Frans, 33, will compete in the Boston Marathon for the first time on April 17 this year.

Speaking to this newspaper, Frans said that running in the Boston Marathon was the realisation of a dream he had as a runner. He added that he is travelling to America knowing that he would succeed because he is not going there only to add to the number.

Any runner who plans to run the 42km of the Boston Marathon must prepare thoroughly, especially if they want to finish in a good spot.

“The preparations are going quite well and I am healthy at the moment. In order for things to happen as I want them to, I pray that I won’t get injured,” remarked Frans.

When they reach a certain level, all runners have races that they wish to compete in. This is Frans’ – who has always followed the Boston Marathon on television, which attracts world-class runners.

“For years, I have been following the Boston Marathon on TV. I have always claimed that if I could just participate in it once, I would be content.

“Going to the Boston Marathon is like a dream come true for me. I am not going back; I am pushing forward, and I am determined to finish the race. What makes me extremely thrilled is that I will be participating in something that I used to watch from afar,” said Frans, who went to the London Marathon in 2020 and returned to prominence.

“I am not coming to the Boston Marathon to add a number; I want to make a name for myself in the world of long distance running. I hope to finish in the top ten guys and improve on my past times; everything else would be a bonus for me,” the Gqeberha runner concluded.

Frans will compete in races in Gqeberha to prepare for his trip to America.