Senior official who raped child shows no remorse

Louis Pepping flipping the middle finger in court. PICTURE: NPA

A sentence will be handed down tomorrow morning, Friday, at the High Court in Mthatha, to Louis Pepping, 58, a senior official in the Department of Education in the Lusikisiki district who is accused of raping a 6-year-old girl.

Acting Judge Mvuzo Notyesi states that the previous evidence presented in court regarding this case is beyond dispute.

Pepping appeared in court last Friday, making a speech inside the court, cursing at people, flipping the middle finger at them, and displaying no remorse for his bad behaviour.

According to a National Prosecuting Authority report, the victim (6) did not return home after being sent to the shop on September 1, 2019, in Ngobozana village in Lusikisiki, as it was getting dark.

The victim’s grandmother sent her sisters to look for her; when they did not return, the grandmother followed, and they discovered the victim shaking and bleeding underneath.

According to the NPA’s spokesperson, Luxolo Tyali, the victim took her grandmother and the public to the house where she was assaulted and where Pepping was found. He explained that he was the one who dragged her down the street and then to the house where he raped the child.

According to Tyali, the villagers beat Pepping until he was rescued by the local Chief, who called the police.

The victim was taken to the Thuthuzela Care Centre for an examination before being transferred to the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha for treatment of her injuries.

Pepping was arrested after his blood-stained sheet was taken as evidence.

He will be sentenced tomorrow at approximately 11am.