Sesona Tshume sweep the floor at gymnastics tournament

The future of Sesona Tshume is bright in gymnastics. This is clear when she went home with three medals (gold and silver) in the Eastern Cape provincial tournament held in Gqeberha at the beginning of this month.

Sesona, 14, who is making a name for herself in the field of gymnastics is the daughter of Zukiswa Tshume, the SABC radio news producer in the Eastern Cape. When most people were confined to their homes by Covid-19 two years ago, Sesona was training without a team. Because she wanted what she is doing now, she taught herself by watching videos on YouTube.

She joined her current team, Ibayi Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, after posting pictures of her doing what she is great at on social media. As the sport has categories, the children were divided into levels in the gymnastics tournament, Sesona excelled in the first and second level to get gold and silver.

Speaking to this newspaper after her victory, Sesona expressed immense joy but emphasised the improvement in her performance as the main thing in the tournament she was in. “I participated in the Eastern Cape provincial tournament which was here in Gqeberha. I did very well in it because I came back with three medals,” said Sesona.

Her winning the medals will encourage this Tshume girl who is growing fast in the field of gymnastics. What happened is part of Sesona’s preparations for the international tournament in Europe next year.

“What makes me happy is that it is obvious that my work is improving. In the second level I am in now, there are things I will learn. The progress I have made is very impressive,” said Sesona. In her first tournament, she was highly praised by her coach saying that she is a determined and helpful teammate because she is able to assist her teammates.