South Africa itching to beat Fiji

The South African women’s national rugby team, Springbok Women, will go into the second game determined to do a better job despite not doing well in the first game.

The South African ladies were thrashed by France 40-5 in the last match of the Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand. No one expected the Springbok Women to beat France because they are very strong team. Although things did not go well, the South African ladies played with great dedication and there is hope that they will do a better job than in previous years in the world tournament.

South Africa is now preparing for another match against Fiji in the morning (06:45) on Sunday at Waitakare Stadium. Springbok Women’s player, Catha Jacobs, said that they will go to Fiji with fresh minds because of the good things they did in the last game.

“The results of the game do not correspond at all to the way we played in the game. Yes, France made good use of the opportunities they had in the game, but we came back strong as well. France scored in the first minutes of the match. On our side, we are satisfied with the way we fought,” said Jacobs who plays for England’s Saracens.

They will now meet Fiji, who were beaten 84-19 by England.

“We never played against Fiji. This means that we will meet a team that we do not know. What we do know is that it is difficult to tell what Fiji could do, again, it cannot play when they are not controlling the ball. If we can control the game going forward, I am sure we will do well in the game. It is important to make sure we keep the ball in our possession to win,” said Jacobs.

Although Fiji women’s team is unknown, it can hurt South Africa who are expected to win if they play in their usual way. The Springbok Women need to win and get a bonus this weekend to increase their chances of playing longer in the world cup.