Student who got dismembered and stuffed in a suitcase remembered

Fort Hare University students in East London on Sunday, August 21 in the afternoon, gathered at the corner of the street where the body parts of Nosicelo Mtebeni (23), who was killed by her lover were found. They were singing hymns and holding up placards against violence against women.

Mtebeni who was born in Matatiele was a student at this university doing her final year of law. This women’s month marks a year of her death.

The students made a memorial for her and placed flowers at the corner of Fitzpatrick in Quigney, and then lit candles at the campus.

One student speaking on behalf of other students said that the law regarding the case of Nosicelo did not take its course as the murderer received a small sentence. The students said that the death of Nosicelo was terrible and shocking.

Nosicelo was dismembered by her boyfriend, Alutha Pasile (25), whom she lived with on this street. The reason for Nosicelo’s gruesome death was Pasile’s jealousy.

The Prosecuting Authority, before the court last year, while conducting Pasile’s case, revealed that Pasile told the authorities the cause of this incident was that he suspected his partner of cheating.

He revealed that after Nosicelo returned from the holidays, he noticed that she was acting different.

The difference Pasile was talking about, was that he used to get access to Nosicelo’s phone, but things changed, and he did not have the details to unlock her phone.

On August 16 last year is when the argument started, and the night they were drinking alcohol, according to Pasile. After the argument, Nosicelo went to sleep and Pasile was left trying to gain access to her phone until he did. Pasile went to purchase a weapon from one of the Quigney shops, which he used to dismember Nosicelo.

Nosicelo’s head was found in their room with Pasile when the police arrived. He hid the dismembered body at the corner of a street in a suitcase.

Pasile was sentenced by the East London Magistrate Court to 25 years in prison.