Students given a platform to express themselves

The students of Bomela Senior Secondary School in Dutywa held a debate this week about the many challenges they face in life.

Sindiswa Binase who is a teacher at this school, and the organiser of the Optimist Book Club for students at this school which is aimed at developing and opening the minds of students, says this was their way of celebrating women’s month.

Binase says the challenges faced by the students are bullying encountered on school premises, harassment at home which hinders their ability to speak freely at home about how they are treated.

She says this makes the victims internalise their struggles, it makes it hard for them to reach their potential and sometimes they underperform academically.

Binase says the Club was established with the aim of giving students a platform to express their feelings and develop and grow. She says one of the goals is for students to be able to be independent.

On that day they also had a pageant where the boys worked the stage donned girls’ clothing and platform shoes.

The topics discussed on the day were ‘Let Your Life Speak’ while another was ‘Choose to Challenge for Change.’