Teen opening case against boyfriend allegedly raped by detective

A 17-year-old girl from Komga who went to the police station to open a case against her boyfriend was allegedly raped by the detective handling her case.

According to a report by the Independent Police Investigating Unit (IPID), the victim filed a case of assault against her boyfriend on August 6, and then went home.

The report goes on to say that the detective (45) went to the girl’s home. He told the girl he was continuing the investigation and took her to the police station to interview her about the case.

On the way to the station, the police officer made sexual advances at the girl, and she rejected him. When they arrived at the station, he led her to one of the offices where he allegedly raped the girl.

IPID spokesperson, Lizzy Suping, says that this detective has since stepped down after this incident. The suspect was arrested on August 19.

This detective is currently in custody and will appear in the Komga Magistrate Court on Monday, August 29, where he will be applying for bail.

The recently appointed Eastern Cape MEC for Transport and Community Safety, Xolile Nqatha, has condemned this action by the detective as well as the overall gender-based violence that took place in Komga.

Nqatha remarked, “We are very shocked because this incident is one of the incidents that are a setback for the police force. We now need the law to take its course. People who abuse women and children should face the law.”

“What makes me happy is that this police officer is locked up. He was not granted bail on his first court appearance, which would have been very disappointing, especially under the current situation in our country where women and children face abuse,” Nqatha said.

Nqatha also applauded the police, saying that they did not hide this case because they were protecting their colleague, they made it public.

He went on to say that what saddens him even more is that this happened in the same month that celebrates women. He says GBV is never acceptable in this province.

He says the challenge now lies with the law enforcement in helping the victim in both cases of abuse by her boyfriend and rape by the police officer.