The time has come for Springbok Women to grow, says Nolusindiso Booi

The women’s rugby world cup is back. From Saturday, October 8, thousands of rugby fans will enjoy the nations competing in the biggest tournament in New Zealand. South Africa’s national rugby team, the Springbok Women, will meet France in a match on Saturday (tomorrow).

This is the third time the Springbok Women have participated in the world cup. Things did not go well, especially in the first cup but now the captain, Nolusindiso Booi is confident saying that the time has come for South Africa to shine in women’s rugby.

Booi said that she was present at the first tournament, but she was still new to rugby. There is a difference with this tournament because she is one of the players who have been playing for Springbok Women for a long time. “This is the one I feel more connected to than the others because I have grown in terms of how I play and I know the journey the team has taken to get to where it is now,” said Booi.

“Now I know how important this tournament is and how it can improve women’s rugby in South Africa if things go well for us. If we perform well in the world cup, there is a belief that it could encourage young girls back home and they will see that there is a good future in rugby,” said the captain.

“This is our chance to really shine,” said Booi at the captains meeting in Auckland, New Zealand, earlier this week. Of the twelve teams that will play in this year’s world cup, South Africa is not among the favourites to win the cup. The strongest teams in rugby are England and France but South Africa has the players to change that.

“We are playing for our country. We need to do more visible work than singing the national anthem and running on the field. We have to compensate the people who will watch us on Saturday. We know that France is strong, but we are also strong,” said Booi.