Ward 33 residents ask BCM to cut down crime-infested forest

BCM Mayor Princess Faku and BCM Speaker Humphry Maxhegwana when they visited Ncerha on Sunday to address the complaints of the residents of wards 31, 32 and 33. PICTURE: BCM

Ward 33 residents have asked Buffalo City Municipality (BCM) to clear the forest they claim is a haven for criminal activity.

They were speaking on Sunday during the IDP and Budget meeting in Ncerha’s Wards 31, 32, and 33, which was presided over by the municipality’s delegation and the city’s new mayor, Princess Faku.

The forest near Msundulo Primary School is dangerous, according to a woman who was speaking in front of the crowd of residents, and they are afraid for their lives because more unidentified bodies and cars are being found there. She requested that the forest be chopped down or developed.

Additionally, residents requested football fields for children or fields with amenities for neighbourhood improvement.

A resident of ward 33 named Fezile Rubushe claimed that although a new road passing through Jojweni has long been promised, it has not yet been built.

Rubushe went on to claim that even the councillors who were present when they petitioned to have the graves fenced off in 2014 left before the barrier was put in place.

Residents also lamented the fact that BCM had not even constructed houses to replace those that had been destroyed by floods, claiming that the disaster department had arrived but that they had not witnessed any activity.

The same woman who spoke at the meeting and whose house was burned down was promised a temporary home soon, and her details were collected right away.

Mr. Khwalo of ward 33 asked that a mall be built nearby that would serve all of the wards. Additionally, residents demanded that the municipality go beyond making empty promises.

The concerned councillors in the areas where there were complaints have been directed by Mayor Faku to intervene and address the public. Faku promised that within 100 days of taking office as mayor, she would ensure that some of the issues raised by the residents were resolved.