Wellem meets Zimbabwe’s Mabvongwe in the ring

The young boxer Asemahle Wellem.

Asemahle Wellem, a promising young boxer, returns to the ring after recently winning the South African title. Wellem is working hard in the gym, preparing to face Zimbabwean boxer Freeman Mabvongwe in a vacant ABU SADC title fight at East London’s Orient Theatre.

Wellem defeated Tinashe Zihove in a tournament held in East London last October. Within a month, Wellem had established himself by defeating Cowin Ray in a match in Pretoria. Wellem has now won five games at the highest level under his name.

As a result, he has emerged as one of South Africa’s most promising boxers. Wellem’s fight this weekend is one way for him to build his reputation while also strengthening and honing his boxing skills.

“I feel strong and happy as I prepare for another fight,” Wellem from Duncan Village said recently on Boxing Talk SA. Wellem says his life has changed since winning his first title.

“It feels good to be the champion. After winning, I even saw my future,” said Wellem, who is preoccupied with fights that are not very important right now because no one wants to fight him.

This East London native now based in Gauteng is content to fight at home.

“The man I am meeting this weekend is dangerous. But I am prepared to fight. I am on a different level now, and my fighting style has evolved.

“I am ready to fight for the weekend. It’s nice for me to fight at home because it gives people a chance to watch me again,” Wellen said with a smile.

Wellem is eager to get in shape as the year comes to a close so that he can defend his South African title. Christian Truter and Rowen Campbell are two of the men he believes he can defeat. Then he wants to fight against world boxing champions to see how good he is.