Woman struck with a hot iron because of a condom!

Woman (29) who was beaten and then burned with an iron by her boyfriend in Butterworth. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

A man from Butterworth ironed the mother of his child, who is also his girlfriend, with a hot iron due to a condom wrapper found in her pants pocket.

After being granted bail on April 10, the man accused of attempted murder will appear in court again in Butterworth on Wednesday the following week.

According to the report, the victim, a 29-year-old woman who is the mother of this man’s child, sustained facial burns after her boyfriend discovered a condom wrapper in her pocket. Due to his accusations that she is lying and cheating, this woman nearly died.

The victim was beaten before being burned with an iron, according to the report. The victim ignored the man when he inquired about the condom wrapper he discovered in her pants because she was aware that it belonged to both of them since they were using it.

The man allegedly started ironing the woman with a hot iron from her face down to her breasts after beating her to a pulp when she did not answer. It is reported that he continued plugging it when it cooled.

The victim has been receiving treatment for burns from the iron and injuries from beatings in a hospital in Butterworth for a number of days.

The father of the child received bail and is awaiting the court hearing next week while the woman fought for her life in the hospital.