Youth encouraged to start their own businesses

The regions of the world economic trade have noted that the Eastern Cape is one of the major contributors to world trade.

This was revealed when the Eastern Cape government held a conference focusing on the economy at the ICC in East London. The conference was being held for the fourth time this year after a challenging two years.

It ran for two days where there were diverse types of entrepreneurs, established and up and coming entrepreneurs from other provinces.

The entrepreneurs had their products displayed. One of the tables belonged to a business called ZHAUNS which is a company that manufactures various machines such as machines that produce toilet paper, produce bricks, produce ice creams and machines that raise chicks.

Max Ralane from marketing at ZHAUNS said that their goal is to help rural women who hustle and bustle. He said that although they are in the Western Cape, they are working with the rural areas of the Eastern Cape.

Ralane said that they also cooperate with King Hintsa TVET College as it is a college that deals with children from indigent households.

“A lot of people do not care much about the manufacturing industry. We start a bottle from scratch when it is broken, we turn it into a new bottle. Our goal is to develop rural people who want to start businesses, especially since our country is dealing with a high rate of youth unemployment,” said Ralane.

Ralane continued, “We are also collaborating with King Hintsa as we want the students who are studying business to start their own businesses instead of looking for jobs when they complete their studies.”

Dumisa Bonga from King Hintsa who is in the department that develops students who do business, said that the main goal is for students to go out armed with knowledge. So, they are self-efficient and not go job hunting.