Youth in Mbhashe are fighting for change

After realising that they are not receiving proper service delivery in their villages, the youth of Mbhashe made the decision to found an NGO that would help them overcome both their own problems and those of the residents.

According to Lunathi Makubungu of the NGO Khulisa Youth Development Programme (KYDP), they are also dealing with all the wards of Mbhashe up until Xhorha in addition to their own village Bomela in Dutywa.

Makubungu adds there are many things they are doing to develop the youth, including sports, musicians, and young people who do traditional dance and praise poetry.

He says that KYDP’s mission is to develop the community by helping people register their businesses and cultivating crops that benefit the community through Bomela Co-op.

Makubungu says that it is difficult for many people, particularly those in villages, to access services; nevertheless, the KYDP is present to assist those who do not understand and those in need.

In an effort to fight poverty, this organisation has already made a number of changes in the neighbourhood, including providing sewing machines to Mbhashe women.

He says that one thing they fought for is the guarantee that local youth will profit from any development projects carried out by the municipality in the area.

The Eastern Cape Hustlers Awards (ECHA), which will be place on April 1, 2023, at the Police Park in East London, have nominated the KYDP as one of the finalists for an award.

The organisation is also asking votes from the newspaper’s readers. You can vote by texting ECHA CB36 to 40439.

The voting period ends on Saturday, March 12.