Youth of Majola united for sports tournament

Non-profit organisations among other groups visited the village of Majola in Port St. Johns to help defuse the tense atmosphere there. Conflict has divided the Majola people for a very long time. Due to fighting among residents of the Majola villages, houses were set on fire, and as a result, a lot of people are now hiding out in the forest out of fear for their lives. In recent months, the unrest in the villages of Port St. Johns has compelled Minister of Police Bheki Cele to visit this area in search of a resolution.

Following that, the Sizwe Kuphelo Foundation, Songe Social Change, and Tyeks Security Services made the decision to organise a sporting event called “Phantsi iintonga eMajola” (Put down the sticks, Majola) in an effort to bring the youth together.

The tournament’s goal was to bring peace to a region that had recently seen violent riots that left many people hurt and many homes destroyed.

The games held in Majola on June 16 for Youth Day attracted more than 20 teams, all of which responded to the call and took part. Speakers took turns addressing the crowd before the competition began to call for peace and tranquillity in the Majola region.

Ntombethemba Ndinisa Ndesi of Songe Social Change told reporters that her organisation chose to join after hearing how the conflicts had affected the young people of Majola’s villages.

“We were running campaigns in the community. However, we have seen that the prolonged fighting has had a negative impact on the youth. So, we decided that we have to take action,” added Ndesi.

Pastor Tshepo Machaea, who was present on the day of the tournament, urged the youth to remember what the youth fought for in 1976. “What we’re seeing these days is horrible. Most young people are involved in violence,” said Machaea.

The Rangers won the netball competition, and they also received a new kit. “We’re thrilled to take home the trophy. Although it was difficult, we played with confidence and ultimately prevailed,” said Rangers player Khanyi.