Characteristics of a good ram

The ram you use is important to know about its quality because it is the one that causes the biggest changes in the herd. If you have a hundred lambs, certainly the 70 lambs will be the same as the ram you use.

When you are a wool farmer, it is important to use a quality ram. Do not put a ram in your herd for inbreeding. Inbreeding affects the herd in such a way that the sheep show unwanted genetic traits that were hidden in nature (recessive genes) that cause the emergence of lambs with disabilities and sheep that do not show changes in the production of wool or meat.

Buying a quality ram when you are a wool farmer is important. When buying a good quality ram there are features that you should strongly consider such as:

From the head it shows the characteristics of masculinity, the size of the body, the legs, and the production of the ram. All these characteristics show the body conformation. Next is the quality of the wool. With the wool, it must not have goat hair (kemp), the wool of the male must be the same with visible crimps because they show the quality of the wool.

Using a ram increases the wool quality of the farmer’s herd, the increase in wool quality increases the money the farmer receives per kilogram of their wool sold.