Grant expected to help Black farmers

Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza.

The farmers’ association Agri South Africa has welcomed Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Thoko Didiza’s announcement to assist Black farmers financially.

According to the report, the department has set aside R1.9 billion to assist Black farmers in moving up in the agricultural industry.

Minister Thoko Didiza announced this in Pretoria, stating that the money will be distributed to farmers in collaboration with the Land Bank.

Christo van der Rheede, the director of Agri South Africa, stated that they welcome this plan because it will aid in the growth of Black farmers.

Black farmers frequently complain about government benefits such as money, land, and water services. Thabi Nkosi, a senior official at the Land Bank, explained how this grant will benefit Black farmers in the country.

“This money will come out in the amount of R325 million per annum for the next three years,” said Nkosi. However, there is also a grant of R144 million for the farmers of orange products.

“The Land Bank has been in trouble for the past few years, but I can say without a doubt that we are on the way to fixing those problems, so farmers will be able to apply in the nine provinces of South Africa,” explained Nkosi.

Didiza said that the department’s intention is clear regarding this provision for Black farmers. “For those farmers who work together, it is important that the role of Black farmers is clarified, and the contribution should be clear, the aim is to give Black farmers the opportunity to grow in agriculture,” said Didiza.

She continued and said that farmers need to be supported with information before and after receiving the grant. “We are in the process of ensuring that land ownership authorisations are given to those who have acquired land under the new government programs,” said Didiza.

Van der Rheede of Agri South Africa said that it is gratifying to see the Land Bank back, operating legally. “It is gratifying to see that the Land Bank is also back, all government enterprises must learn something,” said Van der Rheede.

Farmers are always divided on whether or not there is a need to assist Black farmers financially.

“This money must be given to the right people in a legal way. If the loan money cannot be returned, the lender will be in trouble of not being able to conduct their business,” said Van Der Rheede.

He said this while reflecting on how the Land Bank operated in the past when it was facing serious financial difficulties.

It is expected that Black farmers will advance in the food production system. Farmers, academics, and government officials are constantly urging Black farmers to achieve parity with white farmers.