It is time to flood the land

The rainfall experienced in many parts of the Eastern Cape and South Africa last week gives hope to the farmers of this region as it follows the winter.

The rain that fell this month has long been an incentive for farmers to return to their farming equipment in preparation for crop farming. The amount of rain that has fallen indicates that the land can be prepared for planting. But for those farmers who had already started planting summer crops, it was an indescribable blessing.

This is the time to get all the tools ready to start summer crop farming to work on the prepared soil with the right tools. Soil preparation is very important because plants like soft soil, because when the soil is soft it makes it easier for water to penetrate.

Soil preparation allows the water to settle in the soil while feeding the plants properly, thus giving a good harvest.

In the past, amaXhosa farmers used to say that this is the time to flood the land, and to flood is to prepare the land. This land preparation is accompanied by the maintenance of equipment including tractors, plows, harrows, planters and hoes and other equipment.

Equipment repair helps the farmer not to buy the equipment they bought the previous year. Not buying new tools means that the farmer saves money by using the ones they already have.

Plows are solidified, oiled so that farming time is not spent repairing tools. This is an important business aspect for farmers to keep an eye on in order to grow their farming business.

The seeds that were produced from last year’s harvest also need attention at this time. The seeds that were stored last year must be checked this spring to see if they are ready to work. Grain farmers are the ones who should pay special attention to their seeds, tools and other equipment. Fruit and vegetable farmers also have a responsibility at this time of year to consider fruit bearing trees.

Vegetables grow to perfection within three months, so this is the month for vegetables to be planted so by the end of the year farmers can harvest vegetables.

Ignoring the above-mentioned factors affects the harvest of farmers, some of whom are discouraged and do not know where the problem started. This is the time for farmers to look for fertilizers suitable for their land, the aim is not to repeat the mistakes of the previous year. All this means that crop farming is done throughout the year, and this helps the farmer to reap a good harvest.

This is the time for farmers to reflect on mistakes they made in the previous farming year, pointing out things that did not go right last year. Preparations that include all of the above make crop farming easier each year, and ultimately yield a good harvest.